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Guidelines for e-Business Workshops

Posted on June 17th, 2009 by admin in Guidelines

Structures of e-business workshops are as varied as the topics. The approach of successful workshops has developed into a wide range of formats. The key is that the format should fit the subject selected and audience.

Academic symposia are normally formally chaired events with calls for research papers and selection of speakers made some months in advance. The normal proceedings usually include one or several panel discussions as well as presentation of parers around the main themes and selected topics.

Smaller parallel sessions, often of a more interactive format, allow delegates to select areas of particular interest and to network more closely with colleagues and delegates from other institutions.

Business based e-business workshops may follow a similar format and level of formality and structure, whether on conference scale or down to small-scale seminars. They can also be run as training events, concentrating on particular techniques or strategies.

We will be developing guidelines for individual types of event management and reporting on examples of effective e-business workshops.

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